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Eurotier 2016

Hannover (Germany) ‒ The Trade Fair Eurotier reported the preliminary results of a survey conducted among exhibitors of the show held last week. Based on the first outcome the experience of the exhibitors is ‘overall positive’.


All exhibitors were included in the survey, which was conducted on Thursday, 17 November 2016. The preliminary evaluation was produced from the replies given by 1,997 exhibitors. They regarded the exhibition ‘overall positive’, with 69 % stating the show was ‘excellent or good’, 21% said it was satisfactory and 5% reviewed Eurotier with ‘less satisfactory and bad’. Another 5% gave no information with regard to this question.


The professional quality of the visitors was regarded very good, good or satisfactory by 85% of the exhibitors. Of the exhibitors 79% reported contact made with new customers. About half the exhibitors stated the received numerous new contacts. Based on the contacts made, over three quarter of the exhibitors expect post-fair business.

The preliminary results of the survey are comparable to the survey held after the show in 2014.

Source: De Molenaar

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